Language and Speech Holidays

Language and Speech Holidays

Language and Speech Holidays for Children from a good Family Background

If this is the moment you've been waiting for,
then this opportunity for your Child is not to be discarded!!!!
    This Holiday includes:
  • Personal (one-to-one) training and teaching in German literature and speech.
  • 5 hours Intensive tuition on a daily basis.
  • Reading, Writing and Singing from German and English Folksongs.
  • Increase the IQ-Development of your Child.
  • Improvement and understanding for self-esteem and co-ordination for anxious, weak and shy children.
  • Leisure activities - Bicycle tours, Swimming, Hiking, Boating, Singing, Reading, Play area (Playground).
The best way for any child to learn a foreign language is in the house and grounds of the Teacher in the Country of the language to be taught or simply improve the knowledge that your Child already has of the German language.
Hannover is the region in the whole of Germany where the best German is spoken.

With personal training (one-to-one) and development in all aspects of German literature, speech and day life in new surroundings can only benefit and boost the development of your Child.
I have studied in University and can speak the following languages - German, Korean, Englisch and French. I have qualifications in Physiology and Psychology of Human Development and fully qualified as a Teacher.
Supplied in the accomodation is a Private Telephone for your Child to contact you 24 Hrs at extra cost.

Your Child must have Medical Insurance for the duration of this Holiday.
Restictions that apply:
- Strictly no smoking Children allowed.
- Age group 8 to 13 years of age.
- 2 Children maximum.
Transfers from Hannover (Langenhagen) Airport is also Included.

For references and more information contact:

Mr. Dietmar Purschke
Blumenstraße 4
30952 Ronnenberg

Tel.: 00 49 5109 6525
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